It really comes down to this:

You have hard water, we treat that.

You want a good price, we have that.

All of our REDOX water softeners and water conditioner prices are all-inclusive, there are no "extra charges". Our prices include tax, installation and our warranties actually include LABOR. We are the absolute best when it comes to value. Take a look at our site and decide for yourself...you'll know if we are the right company for you and once you've reached that decision, give us a call and we will take it from there.


Water Softener

Our REDOX Whole House Water Softener is the best thing you can do for your home. This softener makes a difference you can feel. It softens AND filters harmful contaminants, all for a reasonable price and amazing 15 year FULL warranty...


Water Conditioner

Our CorePRO Water Conditioner is a great alternative for those who don't want soft water, but still want to protect their home and the benefits of whole house filtration. It still comes with a 5 year FULL warranty...