Water Softener in Gilbert, AZ
Our water softeners are made locally, and are built specifically for Arizona water. They come with a 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty.
Our softener removes all hardness from your water, leaving your skin smooth and your fixtures protected from calcium build-up!
For proper installation, we require a pre-looped hookup with regeneration line as well as power outlet.

30 Day Return Policy, No Questions Asked! 

Water Softener

  • Softeners are the way to go when it comes to overall effectiveness. You will actually be able to FEEL the difference. It removes all hardness and removes the chlorine, so the rubber in all of your fixtures will last longer.


    Reasons you may prefer a conditioner, as opposed to a softener:

    -Sodium restricted diet, per health professional orders

    -Physically unable to lift 20+ lbs to add salt 

    -Prefer a no maintenance unit

    -Dislike the feeling of soft water

    -Your home has very old copper water lines

  • If you are not 100% satisfied, we will remove the system for you. Seriously.